Saturday , 28 February 2015
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Women Beach Hat Summer Fashion Trend 2014

It will be an interesting holiday at beach with a stylish hat or a fashionable headgear chosen form your wardrobe without yours health problems. For the new season, the collection of Women beach hat summer fashion trend 2014 brings a series of fashionable and stylish models.
Women Beach Hat Summer Fashion Trend 2014

Romantic related broad-brimmed hat.

Although there are many kinds of hat in this season, romantic broad-brimmed hat is also related to this collection. Moreover, the most sensitive details can be found from the air and feminine one to the rollicking cowboy in the shows of fashionable beachwear and accessories.
Women Beach Hat Summer 2014 Fashion Trend

Hat with men styles and straw hats.

Not only suitable but also fashionable to use Tyrolean, Fedora and other models in men’s designs are made women hats in this season. Straw is the most common chosen materials due to its natural color and bright in the fashion. Traditional contrasting ribbon and flower buds are decorated on the hat by designers.
Summer 2014 Women Beach Hat Fashion Trend

Visor hats , baseball caps, plastic hats and hats with cap.

In addition the above materials, there are also some others selected in the collection, such as baseball caps, visor hats ,and volume visors which are made of straw and various shades on transparent plastic are the latest models. Some designers created a series of models by a cap suiting for anyone likes extravagant headdress.
Women Summer Fashion Trend 2014

Bandanas, headbands and headscarves in the collection.

One kind of hats that is also the latest style in the collection is included bandanas, headbands and headscarves. With it, you can be freedom tie around your head or can build something like a turban. Generally, headbands and headscarves are made of a fabric with a pattern for the swimming suit.
Women Beach Hat Summer Fashion Trend 2014

Straw hat and openwork knit fabric models.

Mostly, models are made of straw or openwork knit fabric in the beach hats of summer 2014. The designers choose a lot of color for making hats, like green, white, pink, blue, and two-tone and stripes are related to. Furthermore, there are some other styles related such as a décor of flowers, traditional bands, fashion beach hats decorated with cord or ribbon with prints, metal fittings, beads and embroidery.

Charming, unique from natural materials and combined with some way design, fashion designers offer collections of women beach hat summer fashion 2014 hat pattern exquisite series of hat. With such diversity, the girls will unleash their choice for a beautiful summer ahead.

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