Sunday , 1 March 2015
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Men Boots Spring Fashion Trend 2014

For the new season, stylish performance without any excesses and experimentation with form characterized for the men shoes spring 2014 collection. Color and materials, using both traditional and bold solutions are focused on by the fashion designers.
Men Boots Spring Fashion Trend 2014

Most popular Men’s high boot model

Most of these models have relief, but they are not aggressive sole. Besides, high boots are still fashionable styles. The most popular models among the standard-height boots are on the lace-up, which does not exclude smooth boots with elastic band or zippers.
Men Boots Spring 2014 Fashion Trend

Men’s boots with small relief and decorative

It is still common for men’s boots on a small heel, but taking the place of the fashion trend is the solid sole. Generally, models are designed by the sole protrudes with slightly outward. A small relief on the sides and decorative stitching are fashionable models.
Spring 2014 Men Boots Fashion Trend

Chukka boot Men

Chukka boots is the most outstanding trend of the collection. It is easy to find out them in many collections. Moreover, all versions of these models are commonly chosen, comprising the ones with atypical elements of the décor and athletic sole.
Men Boots Fashion Trend Spring 2014

Most popular material: smooth skin, nubuck and suede

For men shoes spring 2014, with smooth skin, nubuck and suede are very relevant. It is still popular for combined models which relates to the ones with the use of textiles.
Men Spring 2014 Fashion Trend

Spring 2014 Men’s boot color

In the collection of men boots, white is very relevant for all models. Besides, some other colors are fashion, such as gold metallic and silver , traditional shades, vibrant and pastel colors of the season, light blue, blue, yellow, knaki, emerald green, cherry and red.
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend

Combination of two or three contrasting colors is one of the most latest Men’s boot trends

Shoes with a combination of two or three contrasting colors is one of the most latest trends of the collections, especially, the relevant ones are the contrast of white and black. Generally, separate and sole structural parts are outstanding like such designs.
Men Boots Spring Fashion Trend 2014

Men boots with a print

In the collections, it is not common to find out men boots with a print, however, in the new season the print is one of the latest fashion trends of men fashion. Prints like abstract, floral, reptile prints and geometric prints are the most popular prints

Not only for women, in the new season, for men, the fashion designer introduced a unique collection Men boots spring fashion trend 2014. The variety of shapes, rich materials, with exquisite patterns and beautiful colors, these guys certainly will have more choices for themselves and satisfied products collection.

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